Sunday, 26 April 2015

Fashion at the supermarket with TU Clothing

Today Sunday was a lazy day, catching up with emails and chatting with friends and mostly chatting with my friend Val about affordable clothing as we both need to get some new stuff for the summer.

She really likes trying things on and so do I but I am so used to online shopping that it hasn't bother me much till now because I have changed size and the last few things I ordered online I had to return as my old sizing was not good anymore.

Great, so the High Street options available for a size 18 are not amazing...and then I received an email from Sainsburys...about an exclusive look to their new TU collection and website so you finally will be able to shop online.

First I thought...yeah TU clothing a bit boring...full of basics...I have bought a top in the past while getting my groceries but nothing amazing...
Not anymore! I am not sure when are they launching their online shop to the rest of the world (probably lots of bloggers have had this email preview too) but some of the stuff is pretty cool, the website will be you may want to try entering using your email, I believe some of the clothes are already available at most Sainsburys superstores.

Here are my favourite bits, they all go up to size UK22 (EU50):

How good is this stuff ha! And the prices are not bad either right??
I am definitely going to pay more attention to the clothes next time I am shopping my groceries there.
Do you like any of the items? I would love to hear your thoughts.
Pat xx


  1. Wow! That red gingham dress is delish! I don't really have much of a local sainsburys and whenever I do go to one my size is always sold out in what I want or all that's left of mumsy-ish but being able to shop online is a proper gam changer. Awesome!

    1. I know that red gingham is my favourite, pay day can come quick enough x

  2. FINALLY they go into online shopping. Now they just need to get with the program and increase their size range. ;)

    I agree, the gingham dress is lush. xx

    1. I know the sizing not going up to a 32 is a bit of a shame! I will report on sizing as i have ordered the gingham dress xx

  3. I tried most of these dresses on in store and sadly they are not designed for busty girls

  4. I tried most of these dresses on in store and sadly they are not designed for busty girls