Thursday, 23 January 2014

Dr Hauschka beauty routine

Beauty post!
I am not fan of heavy make-up so having a good and spot free skin it's very important for me, so I can go make-up free most of the time and then wear it on special occasions when  everybody says 'oh you look so pretty today' (I thought everybody was pro my natural look, never mind). 
Anyway, I am not sure if it's the fact of becoming 30 or what, but my skin has changed. And I am not sure that I like it. I have now passed from having mix/oily skin to dry patches but still oily, some people call it T-zone but it's more of my nose and chin rather than forehead.
My friend Toni who has fantastic skin told me to use Dr Hauschka a natural skin products line. After I contacted Naturissmo to find out which product they recommend me they were so kind to send me 3 free samples.
After a couple of days using them I could already tell the difference on my skin so just before I run out of my Melissa Cream I ordered some more.
The melissa cream:
  • Helps sensitive combination skin to regain its healthy balance by stimulating its natural activity
  • Soothes irritable, reddened skin
  • Keeps oily zones clear and matte
  • Retains moisture in dry areas. Refines the skin and leaves the complexion soft and even.
  • No synthetic fragrances, colours or preservatives.

I don't know what is your beauty regime but mine starts with a clean and fresh skin, and the toner and cleanser are perfect and the leave my skin feeling unbelievable fresh.
You can buy Dr Hauschka products in different beauty websites like Feel Unique or but at the moment Naturissimo and the Dr Hauschka shop in Amazon have the best prices. The normal price of the Melisa cream is £25 you can now get it for £14.90 plus P&P I can't recommend it enough.
The good thing about those 2 shops it's that they deliver internationally (Naturissimo free of charge) so my lovely spanish girls can also enjoy the quality of Dr Hauschka.
Ahh if you are not sure and want to try it first, I suggest to contact them for samples or buy them for a few quid at Amazon!

The 3 samples

and voilá! my skin looks better!

Melissa day cream
The cleansing cream
And finally the clarifying toner!

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Violeta by Mango: launch review

Today Violeta by Mango has launched.
My first is a bit plain for what I am used to. It keeps the classic and well tailored look that Mango normally has.
Sizing wise, it's not great, it goes up to UK size 22 and I am sure being a Spanish brand the sizing is going to be small. Just so you understand what I mean, in the UK I use size 18-20, in Spain I will be more of a 22-24. European sizes are smaller than UK ones. Also, not all the items go up to size 22!
When I was younger and I lived in Spain, I am from Barcelona where Mango headquarters are, I did buy some stuff from them but I didn't find Mango a very exciting brand for a young girl. Now that I am 30, I still find it a bit too serious but I guess it's good for a smarter office look.
With regards to the price, I find it quite expensive compared to Asos Curve or New Look which I normally shop from.
Scroll down to see my favourite picks from Violeta.

Hoy la nueva linea de Mango, Violeta está disponible online.
Mi primera impresión es que es un poco básica y aburrida. Sigue un poco la linea de Mango en general, con el corte de traje y el look más clásico. 
Las tallas van hasta la 52 y algunas cosas en vez de tener tallaje numérico usan letras S,M,XXL lo que me confunde ya que no te dice en ningún lado a que equivale. Espero que las tallas no sean muy pequeñas comparado al tallaje inglés que sale mucho más grande. Y luego no todas las cosas llegan a la talla 52!
Cuando era más joven y vivia en España, soy de Barcelona de dónde Mango es, compraba alguna cosa pero más tipo cosas de oficina o para entrevistas de trabajo.
De precio me ha parecido muy caro sobretodo cosas básicas como un top blanco.
He seleccionado algunas cosas que si me han gustado:

The only dress I liked

I really like this but it's only available in sizes S, M and L! Being a L a size UK16/EU44. Also price tag of £119.

This one goes up to size 22, but I bit expensive at £59.99.
Coated trousers: the only decent trousers in my opinion, up to size 24! £59.99.
Have you checked the Violeta by Mango collection yet? What are you first impressions? anything you like?
Que os parece esta colleción Violeta de Mango? Hay algo que os haya gustado? 
Patty xoxo

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Forever 21+ changing room post

Hello lovely ladies, as some of you may know I am from Barcelona, Spain. I was lucky enough to be there for a few days visiting the family over the Xmas break and of course I had to go shopping, easy task you’ll think in a city like Barcelona…well no! The plus size fashion offer in my city (the 2nd biggest in Spain) it’s almost non-existent. It’s because there isn’t plus-size Spanish ladies? Erm, no, of course there are. How do these ladies get dressed? Well, some of them buy online from UK, France, etc shops.
I met with Eve, one of my favourite Spanish bloggers from Miss Frenchy en XXL, and she told me where to go…there was 3 options:
-      -    H&M plus size section in one store…not very exciting
-       -   M&S (don’t get confused with our marks & sparks, it’s actually a Dutch company) mainly focused on a target market over 50 or that’s how it looked to me.
-        -  Or the Forever 21+ range which it was the best option in my case.
Have a look below at what I tried on… xx
Hola guapis, como estáis?
He estado en Barcelona durante las fiestas en Barcelona y como Buena adicta al shopping que soy, me quería ir de compras. Te pensarías que es fácil en una ciudad como ésta pero no, como ya sabéis no hay muchas tiendas de tallas grandes en España.
Quedé con Eve, que es una de mis bloggers favoritas, sino la conocéis visitar su blog Miss Frenchy en XXL y ella me recomendó 3 tiendas que además estaban todas juntas en el centro commercial ‘La Maquinista’:
-       -   La sección de tallas grandes del H&M, que no me pareció muy Buena en ese momento
-        -  M&S que me pareció un poco de señoras más mayores que yo.
-         - Y la sección de tallas grandes del Forever 21 que tiene una ropa mega hortera pero alguna cosa estaba bien y para que engañarnos yo visto horterilla!
He puesto algunas fotos de lo que me he probado, besos.
I can't find it on the website :-(
Floral and fit dress at £18.75, size 2X. I bought this one!
Check shirt at £16.75, too tight for me at 3X size.

Fit & Flare dress at £19.75 in a 2X, a bit tight in the boobies section.

Retro skater dress at £19.75 on a 3X, what an awful fit, the fabric is really clingy, and the pale colours don't suit me, shame because I really liked it in the hanger.
My opinion about the clothes, well, it's cheap you can't expect amazing quality, the sizing is mega weird as they use the american 1X,2X, 3X sizing. I ask the shop assitant about the sizing and she wasn't really sure but I think the 3X it's only a size UK22 so not really a plus size range as we'll agree should go till size 32.
Have you bought anything from Forever 21 before?
En mi opinión, la ropa está bien, baratita, la calidad no es extraordinaria pero por el precio ya te lo esperas. El tallaje está así así, con la 3X siendo la talla más grande que equivale a una 52 y yo me pregunto porque no la extienden hasta la 58-60?
Habéis comprado algo en la Forever 21+ ?

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Happy new year - feliz año nuevo

First of all:

My NYE outfit xx
Now to the New Year resolutions:

It's the first time ever I write a list but I am going to try to achieve as many as possible!
- Get to work on time (my boss will be proud, I blame my Spanish blood)
- Be more tidy, overalls around the house (and well my office desk is quite messy too)
- Blog more often and bilingually (did I just make that word up?)
- Book some holidays (seems easy but I wasn't successful last year!)
- Do not waste my time reading rubbish like the Daily Mail
-Improvise more when cooking (I am a bit of a boring cook)
- Walk to's only 1 mile away for god sake!
- Don't buy so many clothes and plan my outfits better
- Save money...if I ever want to get married...
- Use my sewing machine, create crafty things .
- Finally, drink more water, I must do this one I'm crap at it!
Normalmente no escribo una lista pero esta año estas son las cosas que quiero mejorar:
- Llegar a tiempo al trabajo, siempre voy tarde..menos mal que mi jefe es muy majo
- Ser más ordernada en la casa, el armario y en la oficina!
- Escribir más en el blog y tb en castellano.
- Irme de vacaciones, es dificil pero lo intentaré
- No perder el tiempo leyendo revistas y periodicos sensacionalistas
- Improvisar más cuando cocino, soy un poco sosa la verdad.
- Ir caminado al trabajo, son sólo 1.5kms y de bajada!
- No comprarme tanta ropa y planear mejor lo que me pongo
- Ahorrar, para la boda si es q nos decidimos
- Crear algún proyecto de costura con la máquina de coser que me compré pero casi nunca uso.
- Finalmente, beber más agua!

What are yours? / Cuáles son las tuyas?