Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Casual OOTD

Hi there,
I have many posts on hold because I need to retouch the photos or they are too elaborated so in order to keep the blog going  I am going to be posting the Outfit Of The Day pics that I normally put them on Instagram and Miss Difusa's Facebook  page.
So there you go, what I wore today.
Jeans are from The So fabulous range at and the T-shirt it's a bargain from Peacocks at £5.
I love the feel of the jeans but they are a tad too big on the waist, both pieces are size uk20.
I am also wearing my new earrings all the way from China through eBay.
Love you lots xx

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

OOTD back to old clothes

I am ecstatic because I have lost some weight and my size 18 clothes fit me again!
I am not dieting but instead I am walking to work every day that's 3 miles in total o 5K.
I also have an exercise bike at home that I found in Freecycle (so it was free!!) but I am not using it as much as I am tired after all the walking.
The dress has a vintage look but it's from Primark, old leggings and my denim waistcoat from F&F at Tesco.

I am sorry the quality of the pictures is not great, I am looking for any volunteers as photographers...
Patty xo xo

Friday, 2 August 2013

Making sushi!

Hi guys,
Sushi right now is very trendy, I have been addicted to it for a few years now and the best thing of all is that is really healthy.
As some of you may know, I have moved house to a smaller town than Oxford where things like good sushi are not available.
When I started getting withdrawal symptoms I decided to look for a solution, and I thought...wait I can make sushi myself!!
I went to Youtube first, to make sure there were videos telling me how easy will be and after watching this sushi making video I decided to give it a go.
Next step: go to eBay to get one of those sushi makers and some ingredients (I then realised that most of the ingredients are available  at big supermarkets) and that's how much it cost me:
- Sushi maker mold £9.85
- Sushi rice Yutaka 500gr  £1.99
- Sushi nori seaweed sheets £1.95
- Pickled ginger £2.99
- Wasabi paste £2.99
For the fillings I use a tin of tuna and some smoked salmon plus some cucumber. I already had some soy sauce at home.
You may think it's an expensive meal but If you look down at the full plate of sushi, that is only a third of the rice (around 180gr) and I used 4 sheets of seaweed.
Same thing with the wasabi paste and the picked ginger jar which will last at least another 4-5 times more.
To sum up, I really love sushi and I was very proud of making my own, it tasted delicious!
One tip, make sure the rice cools down enough (the package says to leave 20min to cool) otherwise the sushi is a  bit warm and doesn't taste as nice.
Hope you like it!
Pat xoxo

Nom nom nom