Monday, 22 April 2013

It's leopard print time...

I am such a 'change my mind all the time' person. I was just saying the other day to my friend, 'oh well I am over with the leopard print, that's so 2012' hahaha oh well, I was telling her now it's all about lace and aztec and monochrome...
And here I am, with two of my new items in leopard print...I think I may have to take my own words back...
I have always been a fan of the leopard print, I think it actually quite suits my skin tone (what a lot of bollocks!) basically I like it, I found it sexy and makes me feel like a powerful woman (!??!?!).

I bought this maxi skirt from Primark with my friend (the same friend I was telling her how I don't like leopard anymore...crazy woman I am). The skirt costs £10 and it's in the shops right now, it comes with a thin brown belt and has elasticated waist. Because size 18 was not available and size 20 was far too long, I tried size 16 amd it fit! so the sizing is generous, it is always worth it to try it on even though it is not your usual size. The top is from So Fabulous and I got it from Ebay at a bargain price of £3.25, I really like it but I find the cleavage rather revealing! I love the crochet detail.

What about you, do you change your mind all the time or do you have a very defined style when buying clothes...I say I like to try everything but I am not into black- goth style at all and the vintage look-pin-up look doesn't suit me either...
Patty xx

Monday, 15 April 2013

My nails got a bit of love (finally)

Hello my lovelies,
As you may or may not know I'm in the process of moving house. This has been a very stressful situation and my body, skin and nails/hands have suffered the worst part of all.
This weekend we finally finished moving out (moving in by the end of this week) meaning I have almost a week where I don't have to worry about cleaning, packing, washing, etc because I'm a guest for a week!!
Anyway, on Saturday I went to my new local boots and got armed with some stuff to help my hands and my broken nails to recover.
I have very short nails I always have, and they break and flake...I have never been too bothered about them but they were in a terrible state and my hot pink nail vanish could not hide it anymore!
Well, that's what I got:
- Vaseline healthy hands + stronger nails cream. £2,89
- Sally Hansen, Miracle Nail thickener. A whoopping £9,99
- And...the best invention of all, the Naylene french tip pen. £5,49.
Luckily, Boots was running a 3x2 promotion so I had the cream for free!
After applying a layer of the hand cream and the clear nail thickener, I thought I will give a go with the french tip pen. My hopes were very low overalla because I am not very talented with any form or shape of make up or manicure.
To be honest I was quite impressed with the results and I think all the care (finally) made my hands and nails look a bit better.
Anyway, what do you think? Have you tried any of those products?
I love to hear from your experience.
Patty xo xo