Friday, 29 March 2013

Review of 'Love from Misbehave'

Hello and Happy Easter!
Today I am going to review the BehaveBox from the online shop Love From Misbehave.
I was lucky enough to be contacted to be part of the first customers to test the product and I have to say I was gladly surprised.
It is a great idea, it works a bit similar to the popular Graze box.
Basically, you join the scheme and you paid a fix amount every month and they send you lots of different accessories but they don't send the same to everyone, it depends on your personal taste. For example, I was asked if I prefer silver or golden things, if I wear bracelets or if I like skulls. My answers were silver rather than gold, I hardly ever wear bracelets and I don't like skulls but I pointed that I love the aztec trend.
And this is what I got:

aztec earrings, love them!!

Cube ring, original but not very much my style.

Deer earrings, at first I didn't like them but once I wore them I changed my mind , they really stand out 

Love necklace, this is my absolutely favourite even though it's golden.

spike ring, very easy to wear but a bit in the Gothic side for me which it doesn't suit me.

To sum up, I found the Behavebox good value for your money and it's really exciting to open the box and find all the little things, it's like Christmas all over again and once a month.
The selection of accessories is massive and the price quality is great. Some of the stuff is really original and you would expect to pay double plus there is always a bit of sale going on.
Also don't forget buying from Lovefrommisbehave you are supporting a British business instead of buying mass produced stuff from Primark, etc.
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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Travelling around

Hello my lovelies,
I hope you are well.
As you may know I was born in Spain so I do travel there quite often from the UK to visit my family and friends.
The best part of the spending time in the airport? It's that there are massive mirrors at the toilettes so I can take pictures of my outfit!
I am not a fan of this type of pictures and the quality is not great but I hardly ever get a chance of getting my outfits photographed so it's an alternative.
This time I am travelling to Madrid where my sister and some good friends live.
Another friend from Barcelona will be joining us too.
I am so excited to have some girly time, my life has been so busy lately but also boring due to different reasons I will explain soon.
Well, I did a similar post last time I travelled and as usual I like to wear something comfy.
I've chosen a pair of harem trousers with elastic waist, my new denim shirt and the most comfy shoes I have ever owned from Love Label. They are like sneakers but with a wedged heel, I love them and they are very trendy and ideal for people like me who can't tolerate uncomfortbale heels but could do with a few extra inches, I am only 5'2 remember?!
The denim shirt was a present and it is a bit tight in the belly area but I am working on getting a flatter tummy so that should sort it out.
I always keep my make up natural and before I arrived to my destination I would add some gloss.

What do you normally wear when travelling? I love to hear about your choices!
Patty xoxo

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Satchel Mania

Oh lord why I have this obsessive personality!
I can't stop thinking about those beautiful works of art that I saw in the Oxford covered market last weekend... yes I am talking about handbags er...well more precisely satchels.

The Cambridge Satchel company designs the most amazing satchels and they are so trendy right now that I feel I need one in my life so much. But fashion, quality and design come with a price tag and they are too expensive for me right now.

I will be saving up for one (you know what they say 'A satchel is for life not just for Christmas'...) or hopefully somebody will get me one as a gift for (let's not forget) my super special 30th Birthday in May (c'mon you are only 30 once!).
I stopped long time ago buying cheap bags (hello Primark) and I have been surviving with the same leather bag for over a year now (time for a change right?).

Ahh and the most amazing thing is that if you buy them from The Cambridge Satchel company website you can personalise yours with your name/nickname,etc how cool is that!

I leave you here with my favourite choices and the links, hope you like them...
Coral Satchel from The Chelsea Collection

The Batchel in purple

Hot Pink from The Fluoro collection

Green and navy from The Designer range

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

OOTD Earthy colours

Hi guys,
I am trying to post more often but this last few weeks have been really busy.
Miss Difusa has survived its first month with shinning colours and I am so grateful to all the girls that have tried/bought the tights.
Hopefully, very soon I will be able expand the leggings range and introduce some knickers even tho I am struggling to find styles made up to size 32 which is really annoying and unfair! :-(
Well to the outfit:
I love this South dress, it's from last year (havent bought any clothes for ages!), and it's sleveless but I fancied wearing it today so I put the green waterfall cardigan from M&S and of course purple tights from Miss Difusa.
The shoes are also from last season from Love Label.
Let me know what do you think, I love to hear your comments!
Pat xo xo