Sunday, 24 February 2013

Show your legs!

Hi ladies,
I hope you are all well. I have had some time off this morning and I thought to put together some 'shoe' looks to go with the tights.
I am typical girly girl therefore I love shoes. I have small feet but they are a bit wide so I normally go for the extra wide type of shoes to be super comfy for my hectic work days.
If you are like me you spend part of your day walking around, and wearing uncomfortable shoes is not an option.
Here is my selection for the end of this cold February hopefully March will be warmer:
- To go with the Miss Difusa Purple semi opaque tights I have chosen 1) Evans Black Metallic pumps and 2) Evans Neon Colourblock platform court shoes.

- If you want to get into the spring mood, try Miss Difusa Blue Floral tights and pair them with 3) New Look Wide Fit Light Brown Strip Shoe Boots or for a more casual look i love this 4) Joe Browns Lace Up Mid Calf Boots.

- Finally our party look matches our Wet Look Leggings with this pair of stunning Grazia Buckle Trim Shoes (5).

What do you think? What's your favourite pair?
I would love to hear your comments or suggestions.
xo xo

Thursday, 21 February 2013

My BPSFW adventure (Part 1 Press Event)

Hi people,
so last weekend I was in London for the British Plus Size Fashion Weekend.
I was lucky enough to be invited as a blogger and having just launch Miss Difusa that was an opportunity I couldn't miss.
On Friday, it was the press event for VIP and bloggers. I arrived to the stunning venue in Shoreditch just in time and I was lucky to meet Becky (from Does my blog makes me look fat?) at the exit of the tube.
Sharon aka Big Fat Betty came to our rescue and we were only 2 steps away from the venue so it was all good.

The venue was gorgeous, the Beach Blanket Babylon restaurant at Shoreditch, London.
We meet outside it and we wait there for a few minutes after the whole team of bloggers and photographers were there. Everybody was really welcoming and friendly so I felt very comfortable.
Me in the middle with Becky and Sharon.
While waiting for an hour downstairs while the upstairs show was getting ready, I had the opportunity to speak to all the lovely ladies like Nefferth (from Mode Plus), Susie (from Cupcake and Pearls) and the beautiful bombshell that owns the Coco Curve Boutique check out the denim jackets she will be selling shortly in her online shop, she was wearing it on the Friday.
Sarah who works for Evolve magazine and organised the bloggers meeting was very friendly and gave me her email so I could send her any live blogging later on. I did write it later on Friday night and by Saturday my blog was uploaded in the Evolve magazine website!

One of my headlines and more pleasant surprises was getting to meet Marcy Guevara which I adore and I have been following for months, I wasn't aware she was coming to the event all the way from California so I did behave like a groupie when I saw her walking in the restaurant. I was lucky through the event to get to talk to her several times about lots of stuff (from fashion to family) and I am waiting for some pictures we had taken together!

Anyway, after an hour downstairs, we made our way upstairs and we soon realised that the space wasn't great for the amount of people attending but it was one these things when you organise such a big show.
Thankfully, I had a drink and a cupcake in my hand so the heat was bearable (let's not forget I am spanish and therefore used to the heat). I have heard lots of criticism about the venue and that wasn't disable proof but I am sure this will be improved with time.
Inside I also got to meet more bloggers, models and stunning Velvet D'Amour (check amazing magazine).
Susie form Cupcake & Pearls with the Floral tights from Miss Difusa

I have attended many press events in my short life because I work in media/marketing, so it wasn't a press event as a such as nobody sat down telling us the insights of what was going to happen the day after. Instead we had a sneak peek of the designs in a 'homemade' catwalk. The room was a bit crammed at that stage but thanks to being short (yeahh!) I managed to stay in and watch the whole show.

After the show, I met some friends and we went nearby for a curry.

All in all, it was a good day for networking, socialising and spreading the word about Miss Difusa.

Pat xo xo

PART 2 Saturday event - coming soon.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

OOTD - My little black dress

I hope you are all enjoying the weekend. When I woke up this morning it was kind of snowing/raining but it seems it warmed up and didn't feel so cold.
Today I have had a 'date' with my boyfriend, sounds silly that after almost 5 years together I still feel so excited about going out together for lunch.
It was also a way of trying the new dress I have got from Lovedrobe and that I want to wear for the London Plus Size fashion weekend.
As I don't normally wear black dresses I couldn't stop myself of adding some color and it was also an opportunity to test the galaxy tights I sell online as Miss Difusa.
I have added a studded belt following Gok's advice (hahaha) and it makes the dress better because otherwise will look a bit more like tent.
Finally, the shoes are from M&S from the sale of a couple of years ago. I don't think you can appreciate  it but they have glitter.
I have another dress ready for the Saturday's event that I will be trying later on. This way I also make sure there isn't too people wearing the same clothes!
The dress is from Lovedrobe (normally sold by Evans) but I've got mine from an Ebay shop and the link is here.
And the Galaxy tights from here.
Well I hope you like it.
Patty D xo xo

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Miss Difusa launches!

I want to start this post thanking everybody who has made Miss Difusa possible. To my friends, family and followers for their support and believing in me and making me believe that yes, dreams can become true.

And here we are, ready to go!

It all started months ago when I was invited to a wedding in Spain and I couldn't find a pair of plain tights that fit me well. There and then I decided I needed to do something about it.

I am plus size woman, I think I have always been big, it has never particularly bothered me except when it has to do with clothes.

As a self-confessed fashionista I have struggled through my life to find the right outfit, that fits me well, suit my style and also has the right price.

The fashion industry seems to be slowly waking up and realising that there is a market out there for all the plus size women and men. It was about time that, whatever your size you can now get fashionable outfits and stylish plus size underwear (more about this later).

I have put together Miss Difusa website and online shop ( where I hope you find the latest styles of hosiery and leggings. I don't manufacture them, I buy them wholesale and resell them at a fair price because why should we pay more just because is plus size??

I hope you like the selection, it will be growing as soon as we get some money in, so think that when you buy from Miss Difusa you are also supporting a small start-up business.
Thank you again for your support and I welcome any comments or suggestions you may have.