Tuesday, 29 January 2013

One One Three #BPSFW designers

Hello my ladies,
the countdown has started for the 1st British Plus Size Fashion Weekend.
More and more designers have been added to the long list and I am really excited about some new names (or at least new to me) so I can't wait to see, feel and meet the designers!! (You can go through the long list here.)
As you may know I am starting my own online plus size shop so I was really happy to see in the list another start-up: One One Three. They are British and man they are good.
The designs are right on my street, studs, leather panels, geometrical dresses... ahh a curvy girl's heaven.
It gives me hope that there will be a day where all designers will look at the plus size market and will realised that we are out there and we are very fashion forward, confident and ready to wear trendy styles and whatever is on the catwalk. Sometimes I have the feeling we go like a season or two behind.
I have chosen my 3 favorite items from OneOneThree:
Love Love Love this leather panelled skirt, I think it will look fab on me, any nice people out there wanting to buy it for me??? Remember I am 30 this year!!

Again I love the cape with the leather trim. So comfy to wear.

And the geometrical dress. Love the shape and the design. If you look at my wardrobe you will soon notice I don't wear anything white but with this I may have to make an exception.

Go and have a look at their website and let me know your picks.


Sunday, 20 January 2013

Miss Difusa, your new online plus size shop

Hi guys,
I have great news!!
I have been working in a project for a while and now I can finally promote it.

I am in the process of launching a new online plus size shop that will sell tights, leggings and underwear in sizes from UK16 to 32.

All the plus size ladies out there, including myself, know how difficult finding the right outfit is. Because being honest, the Hight Street retailers cater mainly for the smaller sizes. There are plus size sellers out there but in my personal opinion most of them don't seem to get it right with shapes and sizes and I ended up buying online from all sorts of places.

Miss Difusa believes that all women independently of their size should be able to find tights, leggings and underwear that won't cost you a fortune and will fit you well. Our aim to bring you the best fashion available out there for your legs and sell it at a fair price. My goal is for you to feel confident, sexy and comfortable whatever you are wearing.

I am not the manufacturer of the tights/leggins/underwear, I buy the stock wholesale and then I customise some of the items it with studs, pretty buttons, etc. Some of the products are Ex High Street or stock leftovers that I resell at a more affordable price.

I personally try every pair to make sure they fit and they are true to size and I will be sending tights and leggings to different size bloggers for them to review.

If you have read this long you may be interested on contributing some pounds/euros/dollars to the crowdfunding campaing I have started. For every donation there is a perk and you also enter into the prize draw for your chance to win 1 PC tablet.
Donate here.
Or watch in Youtube.
Thank you very much for your time!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

London calling #BPSFW

As you may or may not know this year for the 1st time London is holding the British Plus Size Fashion Weekend (BPSFW).

I couldn't be more excited, I mean this is incredible. A great opportunity for the plus size fashion industry to stand up and tell the world that we are here and we will not stop till we get what we want.

We want to be recognise as part of the fashion industry and also open the eyes of so many designers and high street retailers who think that 'plus size' is 'not good enough' so we don't deserve their designs.

You would think they have realised by size fashion was one of the few sectors that has grown (over 2%) during the recession compared to the 8% loss of the retailers catering for sizes UK8-14.

Anyway, let's forget about the numbers for now and concentrate in the most important thing.

The BPSFW is a celebration. A get-together for amazing designers, models, plus size bloggers and the plus size community.

The organisers  (Trapped in a Skinny World and Evolve Media Ltd) have joined forces to bring 'la crème de la crème' to the English capital. We have a fantastic location in the amazing London, plus size catwalk, press and bloggers event, styling master class and the oh so looking forward Swap shop where I am going to be hunting bargains like crazy...
Find the full schedule here

So if you happen to be reading this and you are around London on the 15th-16th of February, come and join me for the first British Plus Size Fashion Weekend. 
Get your tickets here xo xo

Read a very interesting article from Bloomberg about the plus size fashion industry here.

Friday, 11 January 2013

Jet lag lady

I hope you are all having a great start of the new year I went to Barcelona to visit my family.
I personally don't mind flying but it can be quite a long day and you need to feel comfortable.
The best option for me are a pair of leggings and some comfy boots easy to take off when you passed the security control.
I have bought a wonderful floaty dress by So Fabulous from the sale and I love it, cannot stop wearing it.
The wedges are also from from the brand South, really comfy and make me feel taller which is a plus when you only are 5'2. ( I have just realised you can't really see the shoes in these shots lol).

I am sorry about the toilet background but that was the only full size mirror I found on the day.
I was wearing my black coat from last winter as I could only take one coat with me (ryanair and their luggage restrictions!!). I love that coat and the brooch that I bought in Stradivarius a Spanish fashion chain (only straight sizes).

How did you spend your holidays, did you do anything special?
I would love to hear it.
Xo xo
PS: My mum says I look pregnant in this dress but who cares, what mums are like...

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy 2013

Hi guys,
Quick post from my mobile I have downloaded the blogger app so I can blog on the move!
I want to wish you all the best for the new year and that all your dreams become true.
I have been extremely busy with my day time full time job and also working os a plus size project/business in the evenings/weekends.
I can't wait to tell you all the details I am really excited about it.
Fingers crossed.
Pat xo xo