Tuesday, 31 December 2013

2013 in outfits - Modelitos del 2013

Hi, I have seen many bloggers sharing their 2013 outfits so here you have mine. They are mostly from April 2013 when I moved house and I finally bought a full body lenght mirror! Yayyy best investment ever. I have just bough on the sales a camera! So the quality of my pictures should improve in 2014...! I will also start blogging in Spanish as it is a bit silly to forget my Spanish ladies and that's where I am from <3.
Hola chicas, primer post en Spanish, me tendréis que perdonar si me olvido acentos y eñes pero estoy en teclado inglés! He puesto debajo fotos de los mejores modelitos del 2013 a partir de Abril cuando me mudé de casa y compré al fin un espejo de cuerpo entero! Viva yo! Me acabo de comprar una camara en las rebajas asi q la calidad de las fotos debería mejorar. Ah y claro también me he propuesto escribir los posts en castellano, no debo olvidarme de escribirlo ni de mis chicas compatriotas, os quiero <3

Friday, 20 December 2013

Xmas jumper special

Mmmm why I am so bad with pictures? Well I don't know!
I've just wanted to share with you my new Xmas jumper, it's from Yours and it was part of my Sunday shopping where I also got the furry boots from my previous post.
It's really fluffy, eyelash knitted, and I love it because it's not the typical xmas jumper with the snowflakes or reindeer, what can I say I am not into that kind of stuff. 

While I was walking through my beautiful Cotswold town (Chipping Norton) I asked my friend to take a picture of my New Look jacket with the furry collar. It is still warm enough and also in the sale at £29 mega bargain (one of the few things I bought full price thinking my size would sold out) so go and grab a bargain, the furry collar is removable so you can use it almost all year.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Bargain of the week

I have to quick write this post and spread the love!
On Sunday I received a promotion email from Yours telling me about their 50% sale. 
Wow if they are normally good value, i thought what the hell and i went to check their website.
I am trying to be good so I only ended up spending £50 which included a xmas jumper, a belt and some winter boots.
Well, the boots arived today and at £22 ( down from £45) they are an absolutely bargain!
They are so comfy and they have fur inside all over the boot not just a top trim.
The sole it's also really good because it has a lot of grip perfect for when we get snow. They are not made of leather but the material looks waterproof and quite good.
The fit is extra wide which I personally don't always choose (I am only a size 5) and the calf has an elastic band at the top that makes it stretchy and a more comfy fit. I forgot to say the pom poms are very easy to remove.
I have only worn them for a short time this afternoon but if you looking for some comfortable boots at a bargain price these boots are a great choice.
So here is the link and some pics I took:

Monday, 16 December 2013

Finally I found the one (coat)

Hello my lovelies,
how was your weekend?
Quick post telling you that finally the other day thanks to Asos Curve I found the red coat I was looking for.
The cut is great, it is tailored and the fit is fantastic. I went for a size UK22, as I normally get a size up so I can layer underneath.
I didn't buy it at full price, I took advantge of Asos constant emails with a discount code for 25% off (I never buy anything full price, there are always discount codes around!).
  • Made from a wool-blend fabric
  • Press stud fastening
  • Self-tie belted waist
  • Flap pockets
  • Belted cuffs
  • Fit and flare style

So what do you think, do you like it?

What I wear underneath it's a really comfy New Look jumper and trousers with my Love Label 'platform trainers'.
You can find the coat here and the New Look Jumper here. The trousers and shoes are from last year's.
Patty xoxo

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

My fab weekend in the city

Hello lovely ladies,
I have finally found some time to write about the fabulous weekend I had in London.
My day started very early, I took the train from Banbury to London Marylebone (after driving for 20 mins) and I got to London by 9.15am. Then I travel all the way to Hackney where I met 'big sight' with the amazing Velvet D'Amour who is also the CEO, photographer and creative mind behind the fantastic magazine Volup2 check it out if you haven't seen it before because it's pretty awesome.
I can't tell you much more right now but make sure don't miss the next Volup2 issue due in February the 14th. I am not modelling in it but my little online shop will be present.

Sunset view from the roof where we were shooting

Spending my day with Velvet was an amazing experience, I am a fan of hers so at first I was a bit intimidated but I can say now she is a lovely woman, very generous and kind and overalls very funny!
We were both attending the Miss Plus Size International and Plus size awards gala that evening so Velvet suggested I came with her in her taxi (I felt like VIP haha).
We arrived on time to the beautiful venue and start seeing some familiar faces.
There was a red carpet and I had my picture taken (I am waiting to get that) and then the champagne reception started, there I got to network with other bloggers, models, etc
Top Fabia Cerra, bottom beautiful Sarah and right Sharon from Big Fat Betty 

And of course a selfie was due...My dress by the way is from the New look Inspire range.

By the end of the dinner my shoes were off...but make up was still on.
The lovely ladies I shared the table with, on the top are Mrs Bebe and  Rivkie from Slink.
Bottom picture shoes beautiful Betty in her mermaid dress and her super cute daughter.

I had a great evening as I got to chat with some of my favourite ladies.
Regarding the event and its organisation, it was well organised even though we have to wait for ages for our meal and between courses and the results of the awards weren't the ones I expected. I think it's always positive to get together and celebrate our beautiful bodies.
I hope you enjoy the pics.
Patty xo xo

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

OOTD: black and peplum lace

It is getting colder but I am not ready yet to get out the chunky jumpers so I am going to keep with my layering technique as inside the office is still too hot.
This outfit is so comfortable, starting from the top that I got from George at Asda and it so easy to wear and versatile, the price is also very good at only £10 and the sizing I'll say is on the big side, the one I am wearing is size 20, and it is a bit baggy but I couldn't be bothered to return and exchange it. It goes till size 24 (but probably fit somebody up to size 28) and you can buy it here.
The skirt is a bargain from Dorothy Perkins I found in my local shop for £7 in size 18, it is grey with a black rose lace pattern and it's made of a jersey material so it's very comfy to wear.
I am wearing some thick tights I got from my local Tesco shop at £3.50 (size XL).
Finally, the ankle boots are from New Look, they are very comfortable and trendy, the only bad point is that the ankle strap is difficult to put on. You can buy them here at £29.99.

Could I be less photogenic?

Barbara Hulanicki Knot Front Top

Chunky Cut out boots from New Look

Friday, 1 November 2013

The one I talk about cats

To be honest, I didn't even like cats before. We have always had dogs in my family.
In 2006 I was living in Belgium, studying my degree through the Erasmus scholarship and my sister (now a fully trained Vet) and my mum rescued a couple of kittens from the street.
Because I was away I never bonded with the cat we kept and because she didn't socialise properly with the other kittens (because the mum rejected them) she is a very scared cat and won't let you touch her, only my mum and my sister can.
That fact didn't help to grow my love of cats and then in 2007 I moved to England so I hardly saw the cat anyway.
Fast forward till last September when our house was for sale and we were expecting to move out shortly that I felt the need of having a pet. Maybe it was the prospect of getting our new house (owned by us and the bank of course) and the feeling of finally settling down that make me want an animal.
I couldn't get a dog, I was working 20 miles away from my house so impossible to walk the dog enough times a day and then I thought about getting a kitten. They are pretty, they are really really cute. And I thought that maybe if the kitten grows with me, she would love me as much as the one my mum and my sister have does.
So I looked for rescue kittens in the Blue Cross and the Animal Sanctuary and I found some nearby.
I called the lady and I went to see the little baby kittens with my friend Marina and then I fall in love with the black and white cat with a beauty spot, she was so little and she sat next to me while the other kittens were running around in a very hyper way!
She is a year old now and today it's actually exactly a year since she moved with us!
Lima my beautiful kitten
she loves sleeping!

And of course back to fashion...some inspired feline pieces below:
My new handbag, leather, purple and with cats in it!

1. Dorothy Perkins B/W cat face jumper, 2. Evans Clements Ribeiro Cat jumper,
3. Yoursclothing cat pijama pants, 4. DP cat socks

Monday, 28 October 2013

Tartan trend - my choices

I am sure by now you are all aware that tartan is the word when talking about fashion trends this Autumn/Winter.
I am not yet 100% convinced that I will get into it as the pattern and colours are not my favourite choice or combination (maybe because I am Spanish and I kind of feel the tartan is a very British thing?!?).
Anyway, I have put together some choices and the link below should you want to order anything.
I have seen the Pinkclove dress in many bloggers and I have to say is my favourite item from all the ones below.
1. Asos curve tartan leggings
2. Asos curve tartan shorts
3. Pink Clove tartan dress
4. F-troupe tartan lace up ankle boots
5. Skater pull on tartan skirt from Yours Clothing.

Have you surrender to the Tartan trend? Which is your favourite item?
Patty x

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Wide calf winter boots take 2

Hello my lovelies,
I hope you all had a lovely weekend.
It is getting chilly and this autumn I was on a mission to get some winter brown leather boots. 
My calves are probably one of the fatter parts of my body, and together with my arms my least favourite part.
I have bought knee high boots from Evans before but when I browsed their Autumn/Winter collection I wasn't very impressed by their variety and also they were more expensive than other retailers like Simply Be.
I see many fellow plus size bloggers buying lots of stuff from Simply Be but for me was only the second time. My first time was only a couple of weeks ago when I also bought a pair of winter boots that didn't fit properly but taught me how Simply Be's sizing work. You can read my previous post here.
This time I went for a different model of boots which zips instead of the pull up ones. 
I went for the riding style and the original price was £80 (but I did have a 10% discount code) but now they are even cheaper reduced to £68 so I am considering getting the black ones.
This time I ordered a size 5 in the Super Curvy calf fit (1 size smaller than the previous ones) and they fit perfect! You can find them here Legroom Riding Boot Super Curvy width EEE fit.
I am so happy with this boots, they are so comfy and the fit and quality are superb.

And you, do you also struggle finding boots that fit your calves?
Patty xx

Monday, 14 October 2013

Black and gold OOTD

Hello ladies and gents,
I don't normally wear all black but I really like how this look turned up when mixing the black with gold bits and accessories. Below are the details from the items and if you scroll down you can see me wearing them!
Black wet look skater skirt from Yours
Longline Lace insert blouse from South

Tights of course are from my online shop Miss Difusa
The blouse is from South from Littlewoods and has now been reduced to £15, available up to size 24! I think the sizing is true to size and in my case I went for size 20, I say size up if you have big boobs.
The skirt from Yours is great, elastic waist so super comfy, also size 20 true to size.
The tights are probably the best ones fitting wise from the whole range. They have an elastic waist so they don't roll down your knees and they are very long so taller girls should also be ok.
The shoes are from last year from Love Label, they look great but they not that comfy unfortunately.
I have to say that I haven't been hanging many pics lately on instagram/facebook but I am still getting use to my new super short hair and I am not sure I like it...
Anyway, have a nice week! 
Patty xx

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Simply be wide calf boots

My first order from @simplybeuk was not a success, boots are far too big in the foot, in the calf and overalls in the ankle so they look terrible :-( I wanted them so much, I will wait for refund and may try another model one size smaller.
I think the issue is that they are too long for my short legs and that's why they get baggy, anybody else has had the same problem?
The boots are made of real leather and they are gorgeous should you want to give them a try here is the link.
The good thing about Simply Be boots is the variety of wide fit for calves and feet there are.
I measure my calves and they were 46 cms therefore I ordered the Super Curvy calf fit (up to 47,6 cms), and in my opinion they were way bigger than that.
What's your experience with wide calves fit boots?
Do you know any other retailers that cater for plus size calves?
Patty x

Monday, 16 September 2013

My autumn picks

My lovely bloggers, here are my picks for this Autumn, I have put together a day and night look.
Let me know your thoughts and what's your favourite piece!

1. Black waterfall cardigan (you can find it in many shops)

2. From Yours clothing Black Wet Look Skater Skirt
4. Tights from Miss Difusa (coming soon)

I hope you like my choices...
I am very tempted with the boots and shoes (very pricey tho) and the asos jeans and the skirt from Yours!
Watch the space for my next shopping trip.
Patty xo xo

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

OOTD Autumn has officially arrived

It's starting to feel cold so my outfit today was reflecting the fact that Autumn has arrived. 
We can't complain much this time because we had a lovely and long summer in the UK. 
In my opinion the best I had in the 6 years I've been living here.
I am wearing my camel horse pattern jeans from So Fabulous from last season, 
black top from Peacocks, black cardigan and B/W scarf from Dorothy Perkins.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Plus North fun day!

What a weekend!
I am a lucky girl, this weekend I had the opportunity of travelling to Manchester for Plus North.
Not only I had a fab time meeting lots of fellow bloggers, it was also a great opportunity to promote my online shop Miss Difusa.
Firstly, I have to congratulate at the organisers Becky (Mrs Bebe), Toni (The only way is Toni) and the rest of the team for pulling together such a wonderful show and event.
I have put some pictures together that I took with my iPhone I am sorry but the quality is not great.
I tried to tag everybody but I am not very good with names so I apologise in advance.

Sarah from Sara smiles and Emma from Meet the Millards
Elena Lucie @elenalucie and Kathryn who you can follow on Instagram as Misskathryn84
Beautiful Betty from Pamper and Curves
Make up session with Nikki from Natty Nikki
Super model Olivia Campbell and myself
Lyndsey follow her @LyndseyMG_

My Twisted Siren ring!
Photoboot with Lolly from Lolly likes fatshion

Miss Difusa stall