Thursday, 20 December 2012

Dress down Thursday!

Just a quick post to show you what I wore today. The pictures are not great but were taken with my phone while messing around with the Christmas decs in my office.
Today, I have started the day snoozing the alarm god knows how many times. The original time for me to wake up was 7.15 am I ended up waking up at 8.05 am and I have to meet my colleague at 8.20 to get to the office by 9 am.

No need to say that I wasn't at our pick up point on time but only 10 mins late.
8.05 am Super quick shower.
8.10 Spray dry shampoo over my greasy hair.
8.12 what do I wear!!??!
8.15 I am dress with bits and bobs laying around my bedroom chair and decide to go even further with my time challenge creating a hair bun.
8.20 Glass of juice (remember breakfast? The most important meal of the day...who cares!)
8.25 Leave my house.
8.31 Arrived to the pick up point.
9.04 In the office.
Impressive ah?!

Dress: Asos Curve (bargain from Ebay).
Jumper: Primark.
Leggins: new look.
Boots: Love label by last season.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

The perfect foundation.

Hi there, I hope you are all doing ok. I just had a few days off and I feel so much better and fresher.
Today I am going to talk about make up and more specifically foundations. If you are nothing like me you have struggled for years trying to find the perfect foundation.
I am not a make up expert, far from it but I can tell you what I do and don’t like in my skin. 

Get a foundation that is too dark for you, you don’t look tanned you look stupid or orange.
Don’t forget to spread it all over your face, sounds silly but I used to avoid my forehead thinking the hair will cover it.
If you have greasy or mix skin types don’t put moisturiser just before your foundation you will be actually wiping it away and it won’t last long at all.
Don't put layers and layers of foundation, it won't look any better, if you have any imperfections use some concealer before you apply the foundation.

Test the foundation in your skin before you buy it, I read the best place to test it is on the back of your wrist.
Spread a little bit around your neck so there won’t be too much contrast between you face and your cleavage.
At the end of the day remember to clean your face, use wipes or I like to use face wash. It is very important to clean your face so you will avoid getting spots or dry skin patches.
Apply some bronzer or blush with a brush for the perfect finish.

After all this nonsense I am going to tell you which 3 foundations are my favourites:

1. Fit Me by Maybelline

2. Garnier BB cream

3. Some Kinda Gorgeous by Benefit
1 My newest find, it is the Maybelling Fit Me foundation. The one that suited my skin the best was number 220. I really like it, it is very smooth and matches my skin really well to the point that some people have been complimenting me about lately.

2 Garnier BB cream foundation (medium tone). It is great for daily use, I mostly use like a tinted moisturiser but it has enough coverage that together with some blush gives me a natural look.

3 And finally, Benefit 'Some kinda gorgeous' foundation. It is the most expensive one but it comes in a really cool packaging and mirror+ sponge applicator. In summer I found it a bit too creamy and made my skin slightly greasier.

My colleagues and friends often say how good my skin looks, the true is that it hasn't always been like this but I try my best, it took me years until I found the almost perfect foundation and well I am still keeping an eye out there for something even better to come.

Which are your tips and tricks when it comes to foundation? Leave your comments xo xo.