Wednesday, 24 October 2012

My wedding guest look

Hello my lovelies, I hope you are all doing great.
On the weekend I attended one of my closest friends wedding. It was so emotional, I am so happy for them both, they are now in Canada in honeymoon mode.
This post it's about the outfit I chose for the wedding. It was on Saturday evening and went on till 3.30pm.
When I spoke to some of my girlfriends they were telling me how difficult it was sometimes to find the right outfit for this type of occasion. You want to look smart but not too old-fashioned.
I bought the dress online months and months ago, as I had another wedding in summer but I never used it and bought a new dress instead. I really love the dress but I thought it didn't suit the summer open air venue as it was more of an evening dress. This wedding was in a hotel so it was perfect this time.
I really enjoyed wearing it and it was so so comfortable and flattering in my opinion.
It's from the 'So fabulous' range at or
I have to say that I love lace, it's such a sexy material...I hope I get to wear this dress more I will have to find another special date.

By the way, it had like a black and shinny belt but I completely forgot about it.
Do you like my wedding guest look, what would you add or change, let me know.
Pat xo xo

Friday, 12 October 2012

Only the horses...

If you have read my previous posts you will know that I auto imposed a shopping ban for the months of August and September. Not only I saved money, I also had time to go through my clothes and get ride of the ones that no longer use and create new outfits with the ones I had left.

But October arrived and I did do a bit of shopping, one of the very few things I got were these So Fabulous Printed Skinny Jeans with a horse pattern. I love this pattern it's so original and I also love that they are camel as I have never had trousers in this color before. I bought them online and I was almost convinced that:

A) wouldn't fit
B) that pattern will look ridiculous on my shape and size

When I tried them on I love them, they are so soft but still jean-ish and really really good fit and comfy.
I wore them with a black top and black shoes but I use a brown jacket that I bought years ago in H&M.

I like to dress in an original way, I know if I go to places like London or Barcelona I probably find dozens of people wearing the same clothes as I do but here where I live I can still consider myself 'different' when talking about dress sense and taste, and I love that.

Don't think now that I never wear anything normal like jeans and t-shirt because I do...mostly on Sundays.

I hope you like it...and by the way the jeans are now reduced to £20!!

the look!
shoes from Love Label last - sold out

detail of the horses

cute necklace from Dorothy Perkins
military style jacket from H&M

Friday, 5 October 2012

colour mismatching outfit

I know I am not the smartest woman in my office but I am probably the loudest and most colourful one when referring to outfits.
My colleagues are lovely though and they always compliment me.
That's what I was wearing today. I love my pink leopard blouse and purple trousers with the loafers shoes that are super comfy.
Yes you guessed right, the blouse is new, got it from the sale...

Let me know your thougths...

Monday, 1 October 2012

The ban is over :-)

My 2 months shopping ban is over and if you think I feel like I don't want to buy anything again you are wrong. I have been tempted several times...yes, but I am so proud of myself for having survived to this self-control exercise.

Early after my 2 months ban started I was having the feeling every morning of 'I don't know what to wear, I have no clothes', my boyfriend then looks at me and points and the pile of clothes with my name on it. Mental, I know...

I went through my wardrobe ('s) and got ride of some used stuff I made £60 on ebay (whoop whop) and I am sure the Blue Cross will be grateful for some of the stuff I donated. To be honest I hardly ever see any plus size clothes in charity shops so it must be refreshing for the plus sizes ladies out there when they find a 'perfect looked after' bargain in the rails.

At least I am not like one of my friends that has actually clothes with the labels still on. I am the type who wears all the new things they day after they have been bought.

Well following with my 'spots' addiction look at the beautiful top I found from H&M+ range (up to size UK32) for £19.99. I think it could be one of those pieces that you wear a lot this autumn/winter for a romantic dinner, Xmas party or even the office with a blazer on, sexy or not??!!

Apart from this top I have to say that I found the H&M+ range a bit too safe and boring. Will keep looking.


Pat xo xo