Thursday, 6 September 2012

Wave envy - Babyliss review

Upss I did it again...I have a couple of crazy weeks super busy and also my laptop died but anyway it's all now sorted and I am back to the blogging sphere.
I have stayed loyal to my shopping ban so nothing to report about it.
Well I am talking about clothes but I have been spending some time in Ebay bidding for a Babyliss Wave envy triple barrel waver!
I set up my max bid to £20 but I was lucky (and not fussy) and I won a used one without box but in perfect condition for £8!
It arrived so quickly after 1 working day so that lovely lady who sent it received a very positive feedback.
I have taken some pictures so you can see the results. My hair is long and very thick but it is also difficult to curl.
The babyliss triple barrel waver (in pink) has 25 levels of temperature and I set it up at the max 25 I think it's 180 degrees.

It's very easy to use. The first time I used it I took my time doing it, about an hour, dividing the hair in sections, etc. But on my 2nd trial and after watching some videos in Youtube, I did it the fast way (about 20 minutes) just grabbing the hair with the barrel but I can tell that it doesn't get as wavy as if you do it the patience way.

half straight half wavy

and these are the results...ta dahh! what do you think?
If you want to get one there are lots in Ebay for under £25 (new costs between £35 in Amazon - up to £60 so look before you pay the higher price).
Another good makes with similar triple barrel wavers are Tony&guy and also Vidal Sasoon (again lots on Ebay).
Patty xxx