Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Glam Glam Glam

I am back, It has been a very busy week but nothing really interesting going on...
I asked my lovely colleague Caroline to take a few pictures with my phone so you can see what I am wearing today.
It's a very comfy outfit, no leggins as it is too hot, flats and a jersey skirt. So it's all elastic and super comfy and I think it's flattering too but that's when you get your say.
I love the hot pink of the skirt and price wise it was a bargain, I got it in black and bottle green too.
It has been now over 10 days in my shopping ban and so far I haven't been tempted too much so I am doing well... my bf doesn't hold any hopes in making it for 2 months or more as I first said.
Will see who is right HA!!

Anyway, what have you been up to? I am trying to go to the gym more often but it gets a bit boring sometimes overall in the morning when there are no classes to follow only those really boring machines...I can be botheedr to be honest, 20min in the cross trainer and I want to leave the place.
I have also decluttered my wardrobe and found lots of old stuff I don't use anymore. Put it in a bag and throw it in the bin and the useful bits donated to charity. I put a couple of things in Ebay but again I am being a bit lazy at the moment.

Glam Tee - Love Label
Pink Jersey skirt - South
Pink flower flats - Primark
It's all from past seasons so not for sale anymore :-(

Tuesday, 7 August 2012


I have an obsessive personality what can I do.
I get obsess about things, songs, movies and I can't get enough of it until one day I wake up and I am cured!
My current list of obsessions includes:
- Sushi, seriously do they put some addictive stuff in it?
- things with polka dots from pens, duvet covers, underwear, trousers, cars (I have seen it and I want it) to my mobile case.
- Lenny Kravitz Greatest hits CD (ohh Lenny the things I would do to you).
- Cleaning and tidying (surprise surprise Miss Messy is getting tidier).
- Boiled eggs with a spoon of mayo (!!???!)
- Ah yes finally, writing to-do lists...ohh that is the biggest pleasure of all shame I forget to check them when I actually need to so I end up forgetting things anyway.

my new spotty jumper

stars an old obsession

Well as my doctor once said there is nothing we can do just patience and will disappear. I know it will but what concerns me is what will be my next obsession? Oh please don't let it be anything to do with tartan.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Flat pack furniture...don't you just love it?

Well Monday again brrr!
I really feel like I need some holidays I haven't taken any yet because I was hoping to move house so I was saving them for then but it looks like now we are not moving.
As I said in my previous post I went to Ikea with my lovely friend Val and we had a fab time. We ate Swedish meatballs and got hold of some 'essentials': candles, blankets (in August yes), colourful napkins, duvet cover, flower pot...
Next door there is also a massive 24h Asda where I got some really cheap polka dot trousers and jumper (obsessed at the moment with polka dots).  I was trying to be good and control myself but if you have a small budget and a big urge to shop it's a good place it's like Primark but a bit more original and as cheap and it also goes in some ranges till size UK24 so great for all those plus-sizes princesses.

3 of your 5 a day (how cute!)

my new duvet cover
meatballs and cake

I love the red filling cabinet my bf is self-employed so we definitely need it a cabinet and why go for the oh-so-boring grey ones when you can have a really shine red one. The worse bit was putting the million pieces together but I manage in a couple of hours. (nightmareeee)

Sunday, 5 August 2012

shopping ban starting tomorrow

The weekend is almost over! I hope you enjoyed yours...I went to IKEA and my 1st time in ASDA in Milton Keynes and went a bit mental shopping stuff I didn't really need so I had to auto impose a shopping ban for the next 2 months or my wardrobe is going to explode.
I have so many clothes is crazy, probably I could wear something different every day for 2 months seriously, that could be an interesting exercise I may blog about it...60 outfits 60 posts.
I have been taking some pictures and some stuff is already in ebay waiting to be bought by some second hand loving lady.
Anyway, that's it no more shopping for at least 2 months. Who knows maybe I get used to it and I rediscover all my old clothes and I may not buy anything until Christmas (yeah sure!).
I will be posting some pictures tomorrow about my adventures in IKEA land.

Thursday, 2 August 2012


OMG I am not photogenic at all, add that to my bf being useless with a camera and what we got?? Terrible shots of my persona looking not so flattering.
Thanks God for having good friends who are lovely and take some pictures for me.
This was my look yesterday my idea of rock chick without the heavy make-up. Believe or not it's summer but I'm wearing a jumper because it was only 16C degrees!!
I am getting so excited about blogging and all the girls that I am getting to meet thanks to it. I have also joined the Sixteen Network and it's such a fantastic idea and great place to chat and share thoughts.
Well now, about my outfit...Nothing is new, the leather look leggins were donated by my mum's friend who I have to say is a very stylish curvy woman. The leopard print neon top is very comfy and easy to wear but I am still not 100% sure that I like it on me and it's from last summer sale. My favourite bit of the outfit are the studded ankle boots. As I said before I am not the queen of accesories and I am only wearing a really old necklace with a star from New Look that used to have more stuff hanging but I have now 'recycled'. The waterfall cardi it's from the spring sale of
Hope you like it and remember SMILEEE!

Awkard look!

My Love Label boots (AW 2010)