Monday, 30 July 2012

My first outfit shot

I hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed watching the Olympics! Volleyball is my favourite sport, I used to play in a team when I was a school girl.
We went out for a meal and I thought I would ask my bf to take a picture of my outfit. Unfortunately, he is not good with the camera and I could only save one.
The dress is from 'South' and I bought it from, it's a catalogue that my friend passed me a couple of months ago and I thought to give it a try because they give you 10% of the first order and she gets £20 for recommending me. I didn't have much hopes in buying something without trying first but the result was very good and I have ordered more stuff since then. Well this dress is so flattering and easy to wear. It's black with white polka dots and the material it's quite silky but stretchy at the same time. I wore it with leggins because my legs need a serious tan and also because I feel more comfortable. Thanks to the weather in the UK that's ok if I was in Spain I would look silly with leggins in July. The dress is now in the Sale and even though the polka dot one has sold out there is a red version for £12 (size 8 to 24, enter catalogue number 29DCQ1B on It is stretchy so I got my size and it fit perfect.
The shoes are from Evans UK5E but I actually got them in Ebay at the bargain price of £3.55 + postage!
The black blazer it's also from 'South' but again Ebay was the answer. I didn't want to spend much in a blazer as I found them too formal for my style and I thought I would hardly wear it but I was wrong, It's actually really easy to wear with jeans and my neon pink skirt so I am giving it a lot of use for a £5 that it cost me.

Seriously girls Ebay is the best thing ever. I have been selling lately a lot of stuff that I don't wear anymore.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Comfort against fashion

Since I've started writing this blog, I have spent so much time online reading all sort of different bogs. From fashion in general, stopping in the plus sizes ones, cooking recipes, card making and all sorts of crafty ideas...blogs are great! What a good idea and way to put all our brilliant thoughts together and accessible for everyone to share!
I have been visiting the most fashion blogs inspired. As I said in my first post I was thinking about doing some photo posts with the clothes I have been buying recently. I don't think I am going to be very good at style is too casual me thinks. I see all these gorgeous women and they always wearing perfect make-up and accessories and heels(!!!). I think I may be getting old, when I was in my late teens and early twenties I was all about accessories, lots of little handbags and big totes, bangles, rings and earrings a tutti pleni and so many shoes I kept forgetting I had them.
Now, at 29 it's a different story, they only thing I still do is paint my nails...I guess because they are short and I like to put some color in them.
I have changed my fashion habits, I don't shop in Primark anymore or New Look, instead I search through Ebay for those unique little things that can make or break my outfit. I like handmade things instead of those super plastic made in china stuff.
My feet ache if I buy cheap shoes and I can't wear those high heels ever again. I live in wedges and flats and the once old-lady looking hush puppies shoes are now my best friends.
Is it a sign of maturity when I choose comfort against fashion? or can I be fashionable wearing comfy clothes? I hope the answer is OH YES!
I still want to look good and sexy but if I have to chose between wearing that tight dress with granny tight pants underneath and some heels or a nice flowery floaty dress with flats...well you know what is my answer.

My new sandals from Hush comfy but fashionable??

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

My new favourite lipstick

I am a girly gir but I have to admit that lipsticks have never been my thing. They don't last or stay long enough...that's until I tried out the lasting finish Rimmel lipstick in 'Coral in Gold' (No 210).
I love it!! I think it will be the first liptick I have ever used up.
It really mosturises my lips and the color is very bright and stays on for a few hours. I think it blends very well with my skin tone.
Do you like my summer lips?

PS: loving the hot weather we are having right now in the UK!
Pat xx

Friday, 20 July 2012

When something is good you have to share it!

So let's get started with my 1st exciting!
As a plus size girl I also have big boobs (surprise yeah?!) and one of my ultimate nightmares is a bra that doesn't give me enough support or makes me feel uncomfortable.
So when I bought the Elomi 'smoothing seamfree' bra in a leopard pattern I was amazed with the results!
It not only fits great (make sure you know your size right first), it's super comfortable and sexy (needless to say my BF loves it).
It goes from a 36G to a 48 E. I bought it from but if you google 'Elomi leopard bra' you will find other online shops that sells it a bit cheaper at the Sale price.
At £32 I think it's a good investment so far worth it and I washed it a couple of times.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

This is me

I am not even sure why I am writing a blog, I just had the urge today so here I am, I can't promise continuity but I try.
I like writing about different stuff, I am very opinionative person and sometimes I forget that I am not always right.
This blog is about girly things I am not going to lie but it's not all going to be pink and fluffly.
About me... well I was born in Barcelona 29 years ago, living in Oxford since October 2007, trying to enjoy my life while submerging in my day to day routine of working, eating, watching some TV series (currently addicted to teen series from the USA don't ask me why), Yoga (once a week) and finally sleeping. I am lucky enough to share it with a wonderful man (at least the sleeping) so I guess I can't complain.
I am also a curvy woman (size UK18) and while I am working in a healthier and fitter me, I am happy with my curves and I love to look good in my clothes so will do some fashion posts too.
As I am growing older my obsession with new clothes is decreasing (plus it's an expensive habit) and I am learning how to recycle some of the clothing, buy second hand or grab great bargains from Ebay (also for selling stuff we don't wear anymore). I would love to learn to do my own clothes so I am saving up for a sewing machine and a course.
I would like to consider myself 'green' so I try to do my bit for the earth recycling, cycling and I would love some day to grow my vegetables and fruit.