Thursday, 20 December 2012

Dress down Thursday!

Just a quick post to show you what I wore today. The pictures are not great but were taken with my phone while messing around with the Christmas decs in my office.
Today, I have started the day snoozing the alarm god knows how many times. The original time for me to wake up was 7.15 am I ended up waking up at 8.05 am and I have to meet my colleague at 8.20 to get to the office by 9 am.

No need to say that I wasn't at our pick up point on time but only 10 mins late.
8.05 am Super quick shower.
8.10 Spray dry shampoo over my greasy hair.
8.12 what do I wear!!??!
8.15 I am dress with bits and bobs laying around my bedroom chair and decide to go even further with my time challenge creating a hair bun.
8.20 Glass of juice (remember breakfast? The most important meal of the day...who cares!)
8.25 Leave my house.
8.31 Arrived to the pick up point.
9.04 In the office.
Impressive ah?!

Dress: Asos Curve (bargain from Ebay).
Jumper: Primark.
Leggins: new look.
Boots: Love label by last season.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

The perfect foundation.

Hi there, I hope you are all doing ok. I just had a few days off and I feel so much better and fresher.
Today I am going to talk about make up and more specifically foundations. If you are nothing like me you have struggled for years trying to find the perfect foundation.
I am not a make up expert, far from it but I can tell you what I do and don’t like in my skin. 

Get a foundation that is too dark for you, you don’t look tanned you look stupid or orange.
Don’t forget to spread it all over your face, sounds silly but I used to avoid my forehead thinking the hair will cover it.
If you have greasy or mix skin types don’t put moisturiser just before your foundation you will be actually wiping it away and it won’t last long at all.
Don't put layers and layers of foundation, it won't look any better, if you have any imperfections use some concealer before you apply the foundation.

Test the foundation in your skin before you buy it, I read the best place to test it is on the back of your wrist.
Spread a little bit around your neck so there won’t be too much contrast between you face and your cleavage.
At the end of the day remember to clean your face, use wipes or I like to use face wash. It is very important to clean your face so you will avoid getting spots or dry skin patches.
Apply some bronzer or blush with a brush for the perfect finish.

After all this nonsense I am going to tell you which 3 foundations are my favourites:

1. Fit Me by Maybelline

2. Garnier BB cream

3. Some Kinda Gorgeous by Benefit
1 My newest find, it is the Maybelling Fit Me foundation. The one that suited my skin the best was number 220. I really like it, it is very smooth and matches my skin really well to the point that some people have been complimenting me about lately.

2 Garnier BB cream foundation (medium tone). It is great for daily use, I mostly use like a tinted moisturiser but it has enough coverage that together with some blush gives me a natural look.

3 And finally, Benefit 'Some kinda gorgeous' foundation. It is the most expensive one but it comes in a really cool packaging and mirror+ sponge applicator. In summer I found it a bit too creamy and made my skin slightly greasier.

My colleagues and friends often say how good my skin looks, the true is that it hasn't always been like this but I try my best, it took me years until I found the almost perfect foundation and well I am still keeping an eye out there for something even better to come.

Which are your tips and tricks when it comes to foundation? Leave your comments xo xo.

Friday, 30 November 2012

Fitting room post...!!

Here we are again, got paid on Wednesday and I was lucky enough to get a bonus, well 'a share of the profits' because I work for a co-op which is great so I did some clothes shopping.
I was visiting London for an event, the Fashion Start-up, where experts from the fashion industry and financial advisers talked about things you have to consider before you start or while you are starting your fashion business. It was really good, you may think why were you there?? Well you never know and I have a few ideas jumping in my brain, so watch this space.
Anyway, I guess if you are reading is because you interested in clothes, plus size fashion or you are a good friend that can spare a couple of minutes to read me (special thanks to beautiful Juliette my biggest fan so far, I ❤ you).
So I was in London, and my bus from Oxford stops at Marble Arch...corner with Oxford know where I am going...hahaha.
I was in Primark by 9.20am!! and believe or not it was so empty, so I wondered around surprised by how many different stuff was there and sizes and I kept filling my basket.
Crazy ha?
As a good girl that I am and with tight budget I didn't spend much, I was after cardigans, jumpers, something to help me fight with this super cold weather we are having and I got two jumpers (but I don't have pictures yet), one black with studs in the shoulders (looove studs) and the other one is a warm wine color waterfall cut cardi with an aztec print.
I completely prohibited myself of trying any dress...and I succeed didn't try any but I really wanted to, that's what a call willpower!!grrrr
When I was trying the piles of stuff I remembered that Lauren from Pocket Rocket Fashion who I have followed for months often does fitting room pictures while trying clothes in different shops and I really like that because it helps you to see how good/bad some things fit you.
Well that's what I did...and here are the pictures...I tell you at the end what did I buy...xoxo
lovely top but a bit see through size UK18 (didn't buy)
I love those, couldn't resist buying them...UK6
Love the stud details in this top and the knitted skirt is so comfy to wear both UK18

Top is mine from ASOS and  knitted skirt from Primark (I didn't buy it) size UK18
 All this was in the morning, then I went to this event, and in the evening I got into the Evans shop in Oxford St and believe it or not I didn't find anything I liked, compared to all the pretty tops and skirts I saw in Primark, Evans seemed a bit too dark for me and old fashioned. There is always a cute dress but as I said I didn't want to try dresses to avoid any temptations.
After my visit to the shops I meet my friend Laura and we walked through Winter Wonderland in Hyde park...what a lovely day it was.

Monday, 26 November 2012

I am singing in the rain...

I know I'm a terrible blogger, I don't write often enough but is because my life is very busy and also boring at the same time. Nothing really exciting happened lately (apart from my kitten of course).
The weather is being horrible with all this rain and floodings but as we say in Spanish 'no hay mal que por bien no venga' meaning 'every bad thing brings something good'.
To fight this rainy days what better that some really funky wellies and Mac. They are so comfy and practical and great for walks in the meadow next where I live.

I have struggled in the past finding the right ones that fit my chunky calves, even though my last ones were from Next in the straight size department. They broke a couple of months ago so here you have my new ones:
Don't you just love them??
I am back with my polka dot obsession!
If you can't resist getting some from Jileon here is a code that will give you 10% off 'SLINK10', have a look in there is always good discounts!

And this is me with my Mac, is from last season so I don't have the link but I think you can appreciate how colorful is. I went to Harrods this weekend with my dad it was so busy I don't think I will be going back anytime soon.

What's your winter policy then, colorful or you get more into dark colors to match with the weather...?!

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Lady in Red

I can't believe I haven't written for so long!!
I have been really busy, I started a sewing class and now I am Miss Crafty so addicted to make tote bags, make up bags, pin cushions, etc... I will put some pictures next time but just so you know I have booked a stall in a couple of Christmas fairs, will see how it goes.

Ok, to the outfit. Today I am wearing a bright red skater dress, and I have to say that some of my colleagues have complimented me so I think that color suits me.

The skater dress is very on trend right now and I think it can be very flattering overalls for the hourglass shape which I think I am... I may be wrong tho...

I am wearing with my shiny leggings and my super comfy boots from last season. I know how boring I never wear any bangles, earrings, etc...I am starting to consider myself not so girly.

I don't have any pictures from my coat because I didn't want to abuse my colleague's kindness, otherwise I never get pictures of my outfits from him again!! You can see in the 1st pic my scarf, I love the material and is from Dorothy Perkins (last season too).

So it's all last season, well I think I got the dress like 4 months ago, but I am trying to save money so no new clothes for me at least till the January sale, and I think is going to be really hard because I really want a new coat!!

Oh on the happy side, I have adopted a kitten, she is now 9 weeks old and she is so beautiful. I have called her Lima don't ask me why, the name just pop into my mind when I first saw her.

Here you have some pics of me posing (rather unnaturally...).

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

My wedding guest look

Hello my lovelies, I hope you are all doing great.
On the weekend I attended one of my closest friends wedding. It was so emotional, I am so happy for them both, they are now in Canada in honeymoon mode.
This post it's about the outfit I chose for the wedding. It was on Saturday evening and went on till 3.30pm.
When I spoke to some of my girlfriends they were telling me how difficult it was sometimes to find the right outfit for this type of occasion. You want to look smart but not too old-fashioned.
I bought the dress online months and months ago, as I had another wedding in summer but I never used it and bought a new dress instead. I really love the dress but I thought it didn't suit the summer open air venue as it was more of an evening dress. This wedding was in a hotel so it was perfect this time.
I really enjoyed wearing it and it was so so comfortable and flattering in my opinion.
It's from the 'So fabulous' range at or
I have to say that I love lace, it's such a sexy material...I hope I get to wear this dress more I will have to find another special date.

By the way, it had like a black and shinny belt but I completely forgot about it.
Do you like my wedding guest look, what would you add or change, let me know.
Pat xo xo

Friday, 12 October 2012

Only the horses...

If you have read my previous posts you will know that I auto imposed a shopping ban for the months of August and September. Not only I saved money, I also had time to go through my clothes and get ride of the ones that no longer use and create new outfits with the ones I had left.

But October arrived and I did do a bit of shopping, one of the very few things I got were these So Fabulous Printed Skinny Jeans with a horse pattern. I love this pattern it's so original and I also love that they are camel as I have never had trousers in this color before. I bought them online and I was almost convinced that:

A) wouldn't fit
B) that pattern will look ridiculous on my shape and size

When I tried them on I love them, they are so soft but still jean-ish and really really good fit and comfy.
I wore them with a black top and black shoes but I use a brown jacket that I bought years ago in H&M.

I like to dress in an original way, I know if I go to places like London or Barcelona I probably find dozens of people wearing the same clothes as I do but here where I live I can still consider myself 'different' when talking about dress sense and taste, and I love that.

Don't think now that I never wear anything normal like jeans and t-shirt because I do...mostly on Sundays.

I hope you like it...and by the way the jeans are now reduced to £20!!

the look!
shoes from Love Label last - sold out

detail of the horses

cute necklace from Dorothy Perkins
military style jacket from H&M

Friday, 5 October 2012

colour mismatching outfit

I know I am not the smartest woman in my office but I am probably the loudest and most colourful one when referring to outfits.
My colleagues are lovely though and they always compliment me.
That's what I was wearing today. I love my pink leopard blouse and purple trousers with the loafers shoes that are super comfy.
Yes you guessed right, the blouse is new, got it from the sale...

Let me know your thougths...

Monday, 1 October 2012

The ban is over :-)

My 2 months shopping ban is over and if you think I feel like I don't want to buy anything again you are wrong. I have been tempted several times...yes, but I am so proud of myself for having survived to this self-control exercise.

Early after my 2 months ban started I was having the feeling every morning of 'I don't know what to wear, I have no clothes', my boyfriend then looks at me and points and the pile of clothes with my name on it. Mental, I know...

I went through my wardrobe ('s) and got ride of some used stuff I made £60 on ebay (whoop whop) and I am sure the Blue Cross will be grateful for some of the stuff I donated. To be honest I hardly ever see any plus size clothes in charity shops so it must be refreshing for the plus sizes ladies out there when they find a 'perfect looked after' bargain in the rails.

At least I am not like one of my friends that has actually clothes with the labels still on. I am the type who wears all the new things they day after they have been bought.

Well following with my 'spots' addiction look at the beautiful top I found from H&M+ range (up to size UK32) for £19.99. I think it could be one of those pieces that you wear a lot this autumn/winter for a romantic dinner, Xmas party or even the office with a blazer on, sexy or not??!!

Apart from this top I have to say that I found the H&M+ range a bit too safe and boring. Will keep looking.


Pat xo xo

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Wave envy - Babyliss review

Upss I did it again...I have a couple of crazy weeks super busy and also my laptop died but anyway it's all now sorted and I am back to the blogging sphere.
I have stayed loyal to my shopping ban so nothing to report about it.
Well I am talking about clothes but I have been spending some time in Ebay bidding for a Babyliss Wave envy triple barrel waver!
I set up my max bid to £20 but I was lucky (and not fussy) and I won a used one without box but in perfect condition for £8!
It arrived so quickly after 1 working day so that lovely lady who sent it received a very positive feedback.
I have taken some pictures so you can see the results. My hair is long and very thick but it is also difficult to curl.
The babyliss triple barrel waver (in pink) has 25 levels of temperature and I set it up at the max 25 I think it's 180 degrees.

It's very easy to use. The first time I used it I took my time doing it, about an hour, dividing the hair in sections, etc. But on my 2nd trial and after watching some videos in Youtube, I did it the fast way (about 20 minutes) just grabbing the hair with the barrel but I can tell that it doesn't get as wavy as if you do it the patience way.

half straight half wavy

and these are the results...ta dahh! what do you think?
If you want to get one there are lots in Ebay for under £25 (new costs between £35 in Amazon - up to £60 so look before you pay the higher price).
Another good makes with similar triple barrel wavers are Tony&guy and also Vidal Sasoon (again lots on Ebay).
Patty xxx

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Glam Glam Glam

I am back, It has been a very busy week but nothing really interesting going on...
I asked my lovely colleague Caroline to take a few pictures with my phone so you can see what I am wearing today.
It's a very comfy outfit, no leggins as it is too hot, flats and a jersey skirt. So it's all elastic and super comfy and I think it's flattering too but that's when you get your say.
I love the hot pink of the skirt and price wise it was a bargain, I got it in black and bottle green too.
It has been now over 10 days in my shopping ban and so far I haven't been tempted too much so I am doing well... my bf doesn't hold any hopes in making it for 2 months or more as I first said.
Will see who is right HA!!

Anyway, what have you been up to? I am trying to go to the gym more often but it gets a bit boring sometimes overall in the morning when there are no classes to follow only those really boring machines...I can be botheedr to be honest, 20min in the cross trainer and I want to leave the place.
I have also decluttered my wardrobe and found lots of old stuff I don't use anymore. Put it in a bag and throw it in the bin and the useful bits donated to charity. I put a couple of things in Ebay but again I am being a bit lazy at the moment.

Glam Tee - Love Label
Pink Jersey skirt - South
Pink flower flats - Primark
It's all from past seasons so not for sale anymore :-(

Tuesday, 7 August 2012


I have an obsessive personality what can I do.
I get obsess about things, songs, movies and I can't get enough of it until one day I wake up and I am cured!
My current list of obsessions includes:
- Sushi, seriously do they put some addictive stuff in it?
- things with polka dots from pens, duvet covers, underwear, trousers, cars (I have seen it and I want it) to my mobile case.
- Lenny Kravitz Greatest hits CD (ohh Lenny the things I would do to you).
- Cleaning and tidying (surprise surprise Miss Messy is getting tidier).
- Boiled eggs with a spoon of mayo (!!???!)
- Ah yes finally, writing to-do lists...ohh that is the biggest pleasure of all shame I forget to check them when I actually need to so I end up forgetting things anyway.

my new spotty jumper

stars an old obsession

Well as my doctor once said there is nothing we can do just patience and will disappear. I know it will but what concerns me is what will be my next obsession? Oh please don't let it be anything to do with tartan.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Flat pack furniture...don't you just love it?

Well Monday again brrr!
I really feel like I need some holidays I haven't taken any yet because I was hoping to move house so I was saving them for then but it looks like now we are not moving.
As I said in my previous post I went to Ikea with my lovely friend Val and we had a fab time. We ate Swedish meatballs and got hold of some 'essentials': candles, blankets (in August yes), colourful napkins, duvet cover, flower pot...
Next door there is also a massive 24h Asda where I got some really cheap polka dot trousers and jumper (obsessed at the moment with polka dots).  I was trying to be good and control myself but if you have a small budget and a big urge to shop it's a good place it's like Primark but a bit more original and as cheap and it also goes in some ranges till size UK24 so great for all those plus-sizes princesses.

3 of your 5 a day (how cute!)

my new duvet cover
meatballs and cake

I love the red filling cabinet my bf is self-employed so we definitely need it a cabinet and why go for the oh-so-boring grey ones when you can have a really shine red one. The worse bit was putting the million pieces together but I manage in a couple of hours. (nightmareeee)