Friday, 15 May 2015

Vintage garden party with Marks and Spencer

We moved to our house over 2 years ago and we are just getting round to do the garden... it was really over grown when we moved and finally we got round to clear it and now we are in the process of building a massive shed.
After the shed is built we'll turf the rest of the garden and my other half has left me in charge of the garden furniture and other fancy bits and of course we're going to have lots of bbqs and garden party weather permitting!

The garden now:

So when I went to M&S today and they had some nice things for the garden, here is my wish list:

Lovely mosaic table, buy here

tropical party anyone? buy here

Let's water the plants in style, buy here
You can have some PIMMS in this pretty tumblers, buy here

How cute is this planter?, buy here

Here some other pictures of things I saw in store that I really liked:

What do you think? Do you like spending time at your garden or spend your weekend having picnics somewhere nice surrounded by green?
Pat xo xo

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Fashion at the supermarket with TU Clothing

Today Sunday was a lazy day, catching up with emails and chatting with friends and mostly chatting with my friend Val about affordable clothing as we both need to get some new stuff for the summer.

She really likes trying things on and so do I but I am so used to online shopping that it hasn't bother me much till now because I have changed size and the last few things I ordered online I had to return as my old sizing was not good anymore.

Great, so the High Street options available for a size 18 are not amazing...and then I received an email from Sainsburys...about an exclusive look to their new TU collection and website so you finally will be able to shop online.

First I thought...yeah TU clothing a bit boring...full of basics...I have bought a top in the past while getting my groceries but nothing amazing...
Not anymore! I am not sure when are they launching their online shop to the rest of the world (probably lots of bloggers have had this email preview too) but some of the stuff is pretty cool, the website will be you may want to try entering using your email, I believe some of the clothes are already available at most Sainsburys superstores.

Here are my favourite bits, they all go up to size UK22 (EU50):

How good is this stuff ha! And the prices are not bad either right??
I am definitely going to pay more attention to the clothes next time I am shopping my groceries there.
Do you like any of the items? I would love to hear your thoughts.
Pat xx

Sorry I've been missing :(

Hi everybody, long time no see.

Wow I have just realised I have not posted anything since last August...
Let's just life has been pretty hectic and there have been lots of changes.
I was also kind of fed up of the rubbish quality of my pictures and I really can't ask anyone because my husband to be is total useless with technology let alone cameras!! He still uses one of those old-fashioned mobiles not smartphone.

I am going to try to write post more often and they are not all going to be about fashion or plus size stuff because I no longer buy many clothes I am in a process where I am trying to change my lifestyle, I am more into sports (specially cycling) and also trying to get preggers :)

We had a lot of work done to the house we bought a couple of years ago (how time flies) so a lot of my money went into that instead of clothes and shoes.

But summer is aproaching and I do need new clothes because I have lost some weight and I am 2 sizes smaller, with the money I have earnt from my ebay sales (a mere £200) I am going to try to update my wardrobe!

I hope you keep reading my posts whatever topic I talk about it.
I will definitely catch up with my other beloved bloggers...Also expect a design refresh in the next few days.
Lots of love,
Pat xx


Hola chicas, cuanto tiempo sin escribir!

Desde el verano pasado madre mia.
Para contaros la historia corta simplemente decir que mi vida ha estado llena de muchas cambios recientemente.
El hecho de que las fotos de mi blog no eran de muy buena calidad también me ha hecho parar de publicar post de moda pero ahora tengo una camara más molona (molona??? aún se utiliza esa palabra en Espanya? jajaja).

Hemos estado de obras en la casa que compramos hace un par de anyos así que tampoco tube dinero para comprar ropa.

Pero con el verano a la vuelta de la esquina y ya que he perdido peso y bajado dos tallas me voy a ir de compras pronto con lo que he recaudado en ebay unos 250 euros!

Escribiré más posts sobre otras cosas aparte de moda espero que os gusten.

Mucho amor para todos,
Pat xx

Friday, 8 August 2014

Casual OOTD

Hello, quick post as I had some new stuff from New Look!
I love a good pair of harem trousers, they are so comfy, and I decided to wear them with this sleeveless black peplum top, both items from New Look.
The shoes... They are the comfiest!! They were gifted by Just Fab and I have been wearing them all summer.
Pink lipstick is from Maybelline NY (160- Infinity Fucshia) a very pretty fuchsia tone that lasts for hours I can't recommend it enough.
What item of clothing you tend to choose when you are going for a more casual look?
Hola chicas, post rapidito ya que tengo algunas cositas nuevas de New Look!
Me encantan los pantalones harem, mis amigos les llaman 'cagaos' pero yo creo que quedan muy bien con curvas y un top 'peplum' sin mangas, hay que mostrar los brazos con el calor que hace.
Los zapatos son super cómodos y de la website 'Just Fab' me los regalaron asi que mejor aún.
El pintalabios es número 160 - Infinity Fuchshia, del nuevo rango de Maybelline que en teoría se queda puesto hasta 14h, no sé si tanto aguanta pero la verdad que me encanta.
Y tú que te pones cuando quieres estar cómoda?

Lots of love, 
Patty xoxo

Peplum top New Look size 20, similar ones here
Shoes - c/o Just Fab

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Blog sale

Hi ladies,
I have a few items I no longer wear or some new than don't suit me so I thought I may aswell sell them!
Postage is £2.80 no matter how many items you buy, sizes 18-22.
If you are interested in any of the items please tweet me @misspattydifusa or email me at
Once payment is received will be posted within 2 working days.
Thanks, any questions please ask :-)
SOLD-1. Yours clothing leopard sheer blouse size 22. It is in used condition but you can hardly notice it because it washes really well, the back is black and see trough, also a bit longer on the back thank the front, looks fab with wet look jeggings. £5 plus postage.

SOLD-2. Pink clove lace grey skirt new with tags size 22. It has elasticated waist so it feels comfy, unfortunately the lenght doesn't suit me, it is a bit too long at 5'2 goes below my knee. £8 plus postage.

SOLD-3. Asos curve acid wash denim dress size 22, but will fit up to a 24 because it is actually a kind of drnim very stretchy, unfortunately too big for me. Used condition but still lots of wear left in it.
Very reluctant to sell as i love it very much but can't wear it anymore. £12 plus postage.

SOLD-4. Bon Marché sheer tunic. Size 18, it is a bit see through, used but good condition. £5 plus postage.

5. So Fabulous floral jersey cardi. Thin material ideal for spring/summer. Worn once, £5 plus postage.

I'll be adding more items so keep an eye on the blog.
Pat xx

Friday, 27 June 2014

Suits you challenge

The lovely Leah from 30 something curvy me has organised this challenge that consists is styling an outfit for another fellow blogger, what a coincidence that I have Leah myself to style on my first challenge.
If you have not meet Leah yet....
You can follow her on Twitter

And what else can I tell you about her! She has got this amazing curly hair and she is also Miss East Midlands Curve 2014!!
The outfit I have chosen for her is a hot pink dress with some nice white heels as I believe she loves wearing high heels.

Dress from Pink Clove available here
You can get this lovely shoes online here

And we can't forget that she is a 'Miss' and has a final coming up, so I thought I choose a dress for that date just because I saw it and I thought she would look gorgeous in that tone of blue and I love the Grecian style shoulder.
For Miss Curve 2014 final this amazing dress here!
There you go! what do you think? Can you see Leah wearing my choices?
Patty x

Check out the other beautiful ladies participating in the challenge:

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Same size, different shape challenge

Hi ladies,
I have joined the challenge 'Same size, different shape' organised by the lovely Toni from 'The left of perfect'.
This challenge presents you with the idea that people using the same size can actually look very different as we not all have the same shape, you can be taller, smaller, pear shape, hour glass, apple shape...
In my case, I am an hourglass shape or that I've been told, 5'2 and a size UK20 so I am in the shorter side.
This week look was 'skinny jeans' which is one of my favourite pieces but also one of the most difficult to find that fits me well as my thighs are quite big.
Sorry about the quality of the pictures it was very sunny and they were taken from my iphone but here I am wearing my skinny jeans and my polka dot shirt from the New Look Inspire range from the past season so sorry they're not available online anymore.

The glasses were one of my first buys from Depop... I love them!
Please have a look below at the other beautiful ladies participating in this challenge!
Patty xx